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XRehab’s purpose is to develop VR & AR software for rehabilitation & accessibility, and to foster awareness about emergent technology that is making its way into the world of rehabilitation. 

However, we are strongly against the idea that more traditional therapy is something to be discarded or tossed away simply because it has aged, as we firmly oppose of the idea that therapists should be replaced by automation or software. 

Innovative digital solutions should enhance and complement therapists’ work and be merged with other forms of therapy that have withstood the tests of time and scientific evidence. 
They must never be seen as a way to cut costs at the expense of quality healthcare. 

That is why it is primarily therapists and patients who should drive the innovation in this field, rather than be subjected to innovation driven by parties that may not put quality treatment and the patients’ interests before all else. 

Immersive technology provides unexpected opportunities in the field of rehabilitation and healthcare, such as remote teletherapy or highly customizeable exergaming, and these are only likely to grow in number as we draw nearer to mass adoption, implying more comfortable products and easier use in home environments.

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